Since 1990, PortMan (PORTfolio MANager) has been used by companies just like yours who need an investment accounting system designed to simplify Schedule D accounting and reporting. The simple, no-nonsense user interface provides users an intuitive means of managing and tracking their statutory investment accounting.

Some PortMan features are:

  • Is used by 240+ insurance companies to manage more than $13 Billion in assets.
  • The built-in NAIC export functionality creates industry standard data files that can be used with any of the existing annual statement vendors.
  • In PortMan, your Schedule D is always available in data or printed formats.
  • Comprehensive GL reporting at the tax-lot level.
  • Uses Scientific (Constant Yield) amortization, as specified by the NAIC.
  • Annual licensing includes support and periodic updates which enable our users to keep up with the ever changing NAIC requirements.
  • Runs on Windows desktop, the network, or in a virtual environment such as Citrix, VMWare, or Windows Remote Desktop.
  • "On-Site Support" provided using the latest web-based meeting software.
  • Uses the latest technology to keep data entry to a minimum as all transactions and calculations are automatically generated.
  • Transactions can be imported from most custodial banks, eliminating time-consuming data entry.
  • NAIC AVS+ interface provides the ability to import/export data to enable designation and pricing updates.
  • NAIC Designations for your CRP rated securities (Moody, S&P, Fitch) can be derived from your custodial statements.
  • All data is available for instant access, and can be viewed, printed, or exported directly to Excel.
  • Is a turn-key system that comes complete with your data pre-loaded.
  • Data resides at your site, giving you the satisfaction of having control over your information.

In addition to the Portman software, we offer a cost effective outsourcing solution for companies who do not have the time or expertise to manage their monthly Schedule D investment accounting. This service provides data entry, reporting and Schedule D exporting, while still allowing you to have access to the data and reports.