This page has been created to help you successfully meet your 2017 NAIC requirements when you export your 2017 Schedule D.
What you will need to do:

1 Read the 2017 Year End Processing instructions thoroughly before performing the export.
2 Read the 2017 PortMan RMBS White Paper if you have securities that are covered under SSAP 43R. These instructions cover how compliance with SSAP 43R can be achieved in PortMan. To learn more about SSAP 43R visit
3 Download and install the PortMan 2018 Update. Installation instructions can be found below.

The following instructions provide the necessary steps to upgrade PortMan 2017 to PortMan 2018. This update is REQUIRED to properly report the 2017 Schedule D. Therefore, each company that uses Portman to produce Schedule D will need to be updated. Customers with multiple companies, depending on your particular installed configuration, you may need to run the update installer multiple times.

As always, if you would like your Portman support team to install the update for you, please give us a call on the support line and we will get you updated as soon as possible.

Installation Instructions: *** Before proceeding, Make sure all transactions are posted and Portman is closed ***
What you will need to do:

1 Download the Update from the Utilities page.
2 Choose Save when prompted do you want to run or save this file.
3 Choose a location where you would like to save the file. We recommend saving to the DESKTOP so the icon will be on your desktop (and easy to find). If you choose another location, please remember where you put it.
4 Start the update by running the download file from the location where you saved it Or by clicking the RUN button when the download is complete.
5 Your computer may prompt you to confirm that the program is from a trusted source, Click OK to approve the installation source.
6 Click on the Next button (or press Enter) to continue.
7 Verify the install path displayed is correct. If it is not, you will need to click BROWSE to find the PortMan folder to be updated. This is the folder where the PortMan files are stored for a each company.

* NOTE: If you have multiple companies at your site, and you are NOT using the MASTER COPY configuration, then this update will need to be run for each company.

* NOTE: If you are installing using elevated user permissions (such as "run as administrator"), a mapped drive letter may not be available and it will be necessary to use the UNC path to the PortMan folder.
8 Double-Click the desired folder and Click OK.
9 The program WILL prompt you to confirm that you want to install in a directory that already exists. Click Yes. If you are not prompted, please confirm that the directory selected is correct. If you are unsure, please call ABS Support.
10 Click on the Next button to continue.
11 Click on the Next button again continue.
12 Click on the Next button to continue once again.
13 Enter the installation password which you should have received via email. If you did not receive the email, you may request one from PortMan support: via email at or via telephone by calling 502-209-6034.
14 Click Finish.
15 To install the update for an additional company, repeat the steps starting at step 4. (FYI, you can set up your Portman folders so that you only need to run the update one time for all companies, Call support for details)